direct all submissions to:

the process:

in your e-mail, specify a cell & a color. you may go with
a name for a color, which i will do my best to interpret,
or a specific hex code. you may also specify a gradient

you may only claim one cell per grid

under each grid, the names of all claimants will
be listed in order with the colors they specified

in your e-mail, you may include a website
or account that i will link your name to

8/16/21: i have also set up an image
map so that the cells will link directly!

a new grid will begin when each one is filled

Grid 1
Started 5/30/2021
[ 25 / 100 ]

current as of 1/26/2022, 10:00 pm, cst

Andy Em Finchy Hannah Jae Jordana Liziveth None Robyn Twelve Men

A1: Ezzie - steak sauce baby
A5: Vivian - #766976
A10: Liziveth - any tint of seafoam that you prefer

B3: Twelve Men - #AD0014

C8: Andrew - #9c063f, because think about it its like a really weird color like
its basically dark pink but not hot pink, its like a reddish purple that you
rarely ever see. i think of it as a secret color that only i know about
C9: Nicky - Miku Color? which i guess is whatever blue-green color you think miss hatsune
miku is, or just a color picked from whatever the first google image search result is. up to you!

D4: Em - the color of the sky directly overhead when you receive this
D5: Hannah - GREEN. Just GREEN, a plain and simple green. On the forest side? On the lime side?
Who do you think I am. I want it GREEN. I'm not too picky but maybe I actually am too picky and I
would like it to be more of a lime-y green than a darker green but *plain and simple green*...
D8: Rowan - #0515fc

E1: Jordan - take a picture of the closest purple thing to you and color-pick the most purple part of it in any image editor
E4: Nik - turkey red (after the country, not the animal, i believe)
E5: Leoni - #416600
E8: Jordana - 8 semitones up from e is c and i envision c as a bright and saturated yellow, like #fce803
E10: Melody - the color of old paper-- if possible, I ask you take this cream tone from a book you physically own or can access

F4: Jay - #a58ebf
F8: Finchy - #1E90FF, i.e. X11/Web colorname: DodgerBlue.
It's been my favourite colour since 2014 and I shan't change!

G4: Kate - #facade

H3: Robin - eggshell white
H4: None - #ff937a

I5: Ellen - yellow, it would be cute if you found the shade of yellow which
feels closest to the like mouthfeel or rhythm of my own name to you

J1: Robyn - ff0000
J2: jae_morgan - J2, make me the same color as J1, i want to make a red rectangle
J5: Andy - the color of life
J6: Not Jeremy - obnoxiously orange
J10: Remi - blood red in the top left corner of j10 to signify the danger of a1 that fades into
the bottom right with the blue that happens when a computer dies to signify computers