november 4th, 2022

a person is walking down a hallway to leave their place of work, on a day like any other. near the end
of the hall, they pass the tv mounted on the wall. it is playing an episode of a quiz game show which
was taped fifteen years ago. the camera is trained on a beautiful person - one of the contestants

just before the person exits the hallway, the beautiful person on the tv darts their eyes straight to the lens of the
camera with a sort of caught-off-guard look, then looks away. to the person in the hallway, it feels almost as if they
purposefully made brief eye contact, although this is obviously not the case. they exit the hallway & proceed home

what neither the person in the hallway nor the contestant (wherever they are now) realize is that this was a genuinely supernatural
occurrence. at that moment fifteen years ago, the contestant had felt a mildly startling compulsive urge to look into the camera.
& what had incited this urge was that person in the hallway, & their glance at the tv, which echoed back fifteen years in time &
into the contestant's mind, although it did not announce itself as a person's observation but simply an urge, telling them where to look

this is not to say that anything then becomes of this incident. it just happens. fifteen years ago, the contestant did not suspect
that anything supernatural had happened, & they have long since forgotten. the person in the hallway, today, did not suspect that
anything supernatural had happened. it's only through the lens of omniscient narration that it can be stated to have happened. it was
something without explanation, but it was never sufficiently perceived by anyone for an explanation to have been sought in the first place