june 15th, 2021

i hate the pursuit of fidelity. i hate bigger screens, i hate high res images, i hate speakers with powerful
bass, i hate stimuli pickiness, i hate un-accommodation of dynamics around me. i hate the urge to experience
a work of art in some undiluted & crystalline way that transcends its being embedded in the environment it's
played in. if two radio stations bleed into each other & i can't shift my expectations from the songs themselves
to that experience of their bleeding, i'm going to have a miserable time. how many resources are expended on
hiding from that? every frame & audio sample in perfect order like the dumb hairs hanging over my forehead.
also the person who typed this has probably spent tens of hours using mp3tag so hey grain of salt

june 26th, 2021

OK so you mistook a diesel generator or a washing machine for drone music! don't be
embarrassed, you dunce! there's so much beauty to find in the world constantly! listen
to the hum of power lines & be filled with bliss, whatever! don't chain yourself to the
ascribed significance of the presence-or-absence of human intent! don't demonize the
delight that you can ideally take in every drop of your sensory perception!
watch the youtube video of john cage talking about traffic!