What if you had a car that you drove around in that was a big apple that had wheels on it & a windshield installed in the front of it but you weren't a worm who was wearing a little red bowtie & green bowler hat & every day you just felt this deep unease quietly gnawing in the back of your mind as if in some way you were chronically separated from the lot in life that you were really meant for. Like you were taking someone else's place. & what if there actually was a worm in a bowtie & green bowler hat somewhere & he was driving like a nice Chrysler Subaru 2019 car but just felt this intense dissatisfaction that he couldn't quite place. He just knew that something was deeply wrong. What if one day while stuck in traffic you idly turned your head to the left & suddenly made eye contact with a funny big worm in a amazing Subaru Chrysler car. What would happen?

What if 3 weeks later you woke up in a hospital bed? What if your face was covered in bandages? What if you couldn't move? Someone you don't recognize is saying sentences with the inflections of questions, but you don't understand them. Is it a language you've never heard before? Or have you lost the ability to understand English? The reality is that you've been in a coma for a week. You suffered critical injuries in a house fire. The firefighters barely got you out in time. What if this current situation is directly correlated with the worm who you suddenly made eye contact with 3 weeks ago? What happened? What do you think happened in the time between then & now?