september 21st, 2021 - & onward

sneezing, the way chocolate cracks off of an ice cream bar, the smell of an old book or record sleeve, vanilla, the maximal smoothness of the force between
two opposing magnets, an idling truck engine filtered through a wall, bitcrushed audio, pinching a very smooth fabric like satin to rub it against itself,
the playstation one startup sound, freshly mown grass, birdsong, petrichor, diesel exhaust (hesitantly), torsion pendulum clocks, smiley faces, dark grey
quadrilaterals with one pixel thick #ff0000 borders, an antique mall, sparkly instrumental timbres, orange incandescent street lights, radio towers, the
captivatingly frightening metallic groans of a parked train nudging back & forth, the sounds of a washer & dryer, a warm blanket, a properly crunchy
maraschino cherry, human companionship, liquidity, the smell of a crayon, my upstairs neighbors vacuuming directly above my room, cobbler, iowa city,
lush greenness, the smell of a blacktop parking lot on a sufficiently hot day (hesitantly), being silly for someone to whom silliness registers, music,
lasagnacat sex survey results, peaches, nineteenth century paintings, inspiration, naturalist institutions & facilities, when water comes out of the
tap with a uniquely smooth & soft feeling, the fake flowers aisle at a department store, hundred year old brick buildings, scented candles, the autumn
smell of something burning in the distance, crunchy thunder, google street view rewound to 2007, blueberry tea, the chatter of nocturnal bugs, the
buzzing of cicadas, milk chocolate, getting a dog so excited it runs laps around the house, peacefully forgetting the future & the past for at least
a couple of minutes, a stream of water lazily crawling along a near-level stretch of concrete like a strange gelatinous snake, the smell of fresh air,
hard flat grey carpeting, pretty rugs, living spaces that feel like holdovers from past decades, burritos, mediocre live rock music muffled through
a wall or several, a wall clock playing the westminster quarters, tmbg music videos animated by divya srinivasan, woodland creatures (gopher,
squirrel, raccoon, chipmunk), the calming rushing sound of the a/c vent above my bed, when i sit shirtless on my bed & the fan makes wisps
of hair gently graze my back & shoulders, vhs cases, diamond-shaped logos