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date: september 19 2021
name: sayonara sable
subject: Guestbook
message: When a site grabs my attention and doesn't let go. That's truly
a unique thing, through content I feel like I have to consume in order to
keep up. Games that eat my time. And people who I love and appreciate.
All the world seemed to stop when I came here.
Whether or not I have enough time to stay here forever? I can't say,
but while I was here, I experienced something else. Thank you.

date: july 13 2021
name: Thea
subject: Guestbook
message: Als das Kind Kind war,

wuBte es nicht, daB es Kind war,

alles war ihm beseelt,

und alle Seelen waren eins.
wir lieben deine Website!!
(English is not our first language, so forgive us if our speach is deficient)
A screen, A river, A alleyway, A canvas, all these are to be perused,
played with! Walking your site makes us want to waltz through
our town, to look and to look anew, to write, to look
back at our own artwork and to embrace it.
We love the simple layout of your site, all its little tangents in the symbols and
hyperlinks, the moments communicating a sense of pure open-ness, stories
willing to follow a train exactly when it's thought entered your head. This
world of yours, that you have sketched, are sketching, will sketch, your
music too (what we've listened of it) is a quiet playground! one with
many lines in the sand making smiles and hollows, hand in hand.
Thank you for making this all availible, thank you for your daydreams!

date: june 20 2021
name: melody
subject: guestbook?
message: as extravagant an expression it seems, your writings might re-
enchant the world for me. wandering your site has consumed my day,
crossing a river of pale blue on stones of wordplay. it was something
ive needed to hear for some time, and now ive an adventure to
go on, to innocence, to daydreaming, birdsong, and beauty!

i wish you wonder and love, all of it, all at once, across time and space!

date: may 3 2021
name: Jub
subject: Guestbook
message: It's easy for me to derive meaning from self-expression like
you find on this website where I might have trouble finding it elsewhere.
It's definitely hard to articulate but to me it's like... a colorful painting
where each section could have bright or grayscale colors, bold lines
to emphasize contrast. In some places you see yourself, and
in the parts you don't, that too is explicitly meaningful.

Dropping a pink bouncy ball and the last quarter-second before the bouncing
stops where the bounces per second increase exponentially and it feels like
a single continuous vibration or sound instead of multiple, separated
instances of collision. That feeling could just be embedded on
your website somewhere and it wouldn't be out of place.

sorry for writing so much,

date: april 18 2021
name: olli
subject: hello guestbook readers!
message: is the kind of expression of
humanity that's not easy to come by on the internet. i love what
you've done with the place, it looks cozy and you're doing what
you want... buddy is amazing.
love from finland,

date: december 9 2020
name: nik
subject: guestbook submission
message: hello people reading this guestbook. i am very glad
to be signing the guestbook of so nice a web site. i especially
like the page about the funny worm, and the page about the
cows. have a nice day