November 29th, 2020

maybe i'm just recounting the year 2017 & phrasing it like it's some phenomenon that could map onto other people. but i feel like 4chan
might weirdly be the platform where you can most readily find people taking an aggressively nuanced & individualistic approach to
how they express themselves but overwhelmingly they apply it to being terrible toxic people, then like on tumblr people might
conversely put their energy into being benevolent & Good but express it in ways that feel all phony & cookie cutter. there's
individualistic expression to latch onto there but there might be a rotating population of people who don't discover any
of it & can't stand that phoniness, it just causes resentful alienation & like, the other nightmare culture starts to seem
worth it just for the relatively dynamic nature of the people. like desperation,
"actual people". the takeaway being
umm have an identity! everyone should have identities. for the sake of themselves & others. also it's probably
not like everything actually revolves around a literal "4chan/tumblr" dichotomy just. read my words blurrily
i don't know! whatever. i sort of flushed two years of potential personality development down the toilet
'cause i wouldn't leave a discord server, because i was like "these are the only real people"