May 24th, 2020

Hi!!! I was just hoping to ask what Inspires you to "move"? Like- what are some general feelings/things
that can just make you want to make some music, create a funny image, make a post, or read a nice
book. I'm sorry this is such a general question but I just enjoy hearing your takes on things

this is a tough one ... i'm going to try to flippantly list some things that feel like decent answers

desire to passively connect with others

desire to create things i feel proud of

desire to meaningfully reflect things i feel inspired by or fixated on

desire to feel like i'm meaningfully augmenting myself conceptually, both in my head & to the outside world

desire to feel like, by creating enough things with stylistic & aesthetic continuity,
i'll gradually assemble a "big picture" that i may be understood through

the thrill of starting with no plan, in whatever medium, & stochastically assembling something very specific
that i couldn't have imagined before making it ... there's lots of old pictures i drew in ms paint, where i
think ... "i didn't plan to draw this, but i really know this drawing. it feels like a part of me. it's
weird that i could've decided not to open paint that day, & it wouldn't exist ..."

just creating & creating, regardless of how much i like or understand what i make. scrolling down my big folder
of ms paint scribbles, & my old, weird bandcamp, i feel like if i endlessly set very flippant things in stone,
(or heavily-labored things, anything), they build up & form a weird tapestry across time, & slowly accumulate
hard-to-articulate personal meanings. it really helps me feel my place in the passage of years

look at this picture ... i could never articulate it, but this weird smiley face figure that i drew in the first
half of 2017 is inextricable from that time for me ... i think pairing disparate stimuli & associating them with
each other is very good at giving them personal meaning ... like how i'm buying a peach tea for every thirteen
chapters i read of Cat's Cradle ... i'll probably never separate peach tea from the book, & what it means to me,
the walks i've been going on while i read it, it'll probably be tinted by releasing "lumiere' around the same time too ...