October 2nd, 2020

i like to walk to a random place & idle there for a very long time so that the surroundings take on psychological qualities
that are hard to describe. it'd be good to pick a song & an unnoteworthy location, & listen to it there for ten hours! the
experience would take on psychological qualities that are hard to describe. it'd feel monolithic, like a little self-
contained universe. sit under a bridge & permanently make it the that-song bridge! attach to a very specific angle
to look at the stream from. the only reason i neglect to do this stuff is that i get overwhelmed by how many
random places there are to each devote so much time to. but that's the point! it's not about picking the
right places, it's about giving places value & familiarity, they'll all be the right places by definition

January 19th, 2021

lights shining through tree leaves like green like fake grapes border canvas of a painting imagining old paintings & the girls playing
outside the house with the dog in my childhood home & light looks soft in the paintings things are slightly removed how i want to
see them want to restore the visual element italo calvino wrote about it all visuals fade into blind paths between points it feels so
good to sit against the mundane brick wall you pass every day & become familiar with the location & develop a connection to it
forever remember a day alone under a stairwell & sit under a bridge shivering maybe or i could go follow a radio tower or
walk toward lights on the horizon the ones that draw me the most i could go on the biggest meditative adventure

May 16th, 2022

finding & appreciating a very lonely-feeling location like a street light somewhere. picking a radio tower visible from one's
house & trekking to it. setting out from a randomly chosen location & flipping a coin to decide which way to turn at each
intersection. scattering a deck of tarot cards by leaving one each at seventy-eight discrete locations planned in
advance. taking pictures unless it shifts focus to the future, dissociating from the present moment