December 6th, 2020

emotional over something hard to articulate about cows eating grass in a children's book & it's presented in a very unconditional way but you
can acknowledge that it's art made by people who are like the cows in that they have to eat food because nature constantly tries to tear
every living thing apart by naturally redistributing their energy so they have to eat food & store energy as atp, & that's all implied
in the drawing but not really portrayed in it. the drawing feels unconditional, cows just eat grass, that's it. & the scene
it's portraying makes perfect sense, there can't be any way for everything to be other than what it's showing you. people
arising from the same evolutionary process as cows & portraying a process that sustains them as an ongoing cyclical
process of birth & death, just like cows. then you have the book itself as a tool in that process, to mentally
nourish children. i guess the unstoppable nature of that process really does make the phenomenon of cows
eating grass unconditional. & like if you want the drawing to ostentatiously represent death anxiety,
or, nihilism, or, love, people taking care of each other, it can because everything is a tangled
ball. but it's pretending it can't represent any of those things, cows just eat grass. this
feels weird as an unwieldy paragraph of declarative text but good as a visceral feeling