November 14th, 2020

maybe there are situations where moving past things (attachment things) is synonymous with fully incorporating into myself
whatever they awakened in or represented for me in the first place, for instance: prior to the conversation, i maybe
didn't realize what comfort &/or utility could be derived by kind of metaphysically aligning myself with the idea
of woodland animals, & so on & so forth. now i'll probably never speak with him again, & that might be a tragedy,
or not, but that's the situation. & the things about the conversation that made him alluring as a person with
which to externalize those things ... are still inside me, have augmented my self-conception however they
are meant to. acknowledging that is really the only umm. way forward. yes i would like to talk again
but the situation is simply i i me i i me i so i am the only variable worth considering it all in relation
to. sure i'll put on the website whatever. cRoWdSoUrCeD vIcArIoUs InTrOsPeCtIoN

addendum 11/7/2022: see estrangement