may 25th, 2021

thinking about maybe before people really understood the autonomic nervous system it must have been more enchanting
that... like if someone hugged someone they loved & got a tingling feeling all over. was there no causation to dissect?
was it just the undeniable nature of such an interaction, & the undeniable nature of people? irreducible, fundamental,
like. that gravity theory from uhh Aristotle? someone. like a ball just has a ground essence that attracts it to the
ground. was there no biological mechanism to treat like a shady third party who each person consults when they're
away from each other? "a cloaked figure told me if i hug them it'll hook me up with a neat tingling sensation"...
"please, provoke this response that i appreciate but never asked for"... the response being jadedly viewable as currency?

i guess its like i decided a while ago, everything that has meaning just has a physical medium,
light objectively contacts a blind person's eyes, meaning still surrounds someone with brain
chemistry that's blinding them to it, part of love is a nervous system response