november 30th, 2021

ohh ok so people have a tendency fall in love with people who exemplify what they lack in themselves right? so you section off random
normal human behaviors & give each gender a subset of them. & people fall in love with exemplars of the repressed traits they wish
they could express, which consequently occurs primarily along the line of the gender binary! this feels like a very obvious way
that gender roles would interlock with heteronormativity & i can't believe i've never thought about it like this before

i mean, it seems to make intuitive sense. but i've been awake for about twenty-four hours. my
friend says i'm painting it more equitably than it is, they're both straitjackets but the man one
is a little looser in practice. & no one sits down & draws up blueprints for them obviously

december 3rd, 2021

additionally though: the notion that what people repress in themselves they also despise in
others as indulgence, & this interlocking with homophobia & hatred of gender nonconformity