january 20th, 2022

it would be cool if there was a hundred me's, so that if there was a bunch of people who love me, there could be another me to hang out
with them & i would not have to reserve my presence to solely where i am willing & able to be. maybe this would devalue my presence like
a currency though. i guess that, that hypothetical devaluation by duplication, would be the meaning of people being unique & special

something i find very interesting to think about is how... if you maximally interpret people as expressions of their diverse
circumstances, then the process of people meeting, becoming good friends, falling in love, on the terms of how they relate to
each other, it is like, um... if you smooth it out & ignore the demarcation between individuals, in some way it's like reality
continually joining with itself at appropriate junctions. chaos birthing bundles of signals that happen to correspond & amplify...