june 25th, 2022

Francisco Goya

june 27th, 2022

tragic character concept: a person wishes they were naive enough to be an exploitable person, as opposed to
their current state of feeling world-weary & jaded. this manifests as them exploiting someone so that
they can vicariously experience the very exploitation that they themselves are carrying out

june 29th, 2022

concept: Spotify begins quietly incorporating location data into its algorithms, in the form of various
weights & biases that respond to it. this is done in an experimental attempt to create a number of
pre-decided aesthetic milieus concentrated around various cities - typically small cities which
lack distinctive or firmly rooted regional identities in the first place. for many of the people
in these cities, these prescribed aesthetic tendencies simply feel like the quaint & happenstance
character of where they live, & no one realizes that their particular milieu is one of many being
fed by a ubiquitous system that is masking its homogenizing influence by introducing
this tightly controlled, geographically vast variation into itself

july 23rd, 2022

short story: a person forms a relationship with someone over the internet. the relationship becomes intensely confusing
& stressful, & the protagonist needs guidance & second opinions on things. the only people they have to turn to are their
parents, but they do not do this because the online relationship is marked by all kinds of insular "internet-variety" social
nuances that have quickly expanded past their parents' possible comprehension, especially with how technology
accelerates their generational gap. eventually they do turn to their parents out of desperation, &, fortunately,
in this case, their ignorance of the nuances does turn out to be what enables them to slice through all the
insular abstraction & get right at the social fundamentals, which substantially helps the protagonist
sort everything out. they thought it only worked out that way in tv shows. the end

august 12th, 2022

concept: you are going to find yourself in a role-reversed version of a scenario you experienced in the past,
& are going to be able to offer the response you wish you could have received. this will not so much be
a morally instructive experience, akin to a person who passes up all opportunities for generosity
& later becomes a beggar, as much as it will be an opportunity for a kind of vicarious catharsis

august 16th, 2022

concept: a person makes repeated attempts to internally "sanctify" this or that date, location, event, or
what-have-you, such that the given thing marks some kind of transition into general betterment or
well-being. after numerous failures, one of these attempts succeeds, for whatever nebulous reasons

soon, once it has engendered some number of positive outcomes, the original nebulous reason
for its success is naturally naturally phased out & replaced with a kind of stably self-justifying
validation wherein the person is sufficiently grateful for the success that they can't bring
themselves to consciously disrespect it through whatever sort of regression

august 20th, 2022

concept: you show a person the song we ran out of cd space by psychostick in august of 2022 & watch them
start laughing so hard that they slam their head into the corner of a table & you have to drive them to a hospital

august 21st, 2022

concept: a person writes out a list of every single person they feel most strongly about maintaining a personal connection with. they
are going to establish a ritual of messaging all of them each friday, & asking how things are going. they may also do this at any
point in the weekly interim too, of course, but it will at minimum be done each friday. they may send all of the messages
simultaneously, or stagger them across the day. they may end up modifying the particulars of this system in accordance
with your particular circumstances, but not to an extent that fails to preserve the intent & effect of the system
as described. maybe they will untether it from the strict singular weekday & experiment with
various intervals, perhaps varying for each person, synchronous or otherwise

august 22nd, 2022

concept: a person implies something about love by including, among a playlist of love
songs, a song that likely would not be interpreted as a love song were it not on such a list

august 26th, 2022

today i took the time to write down one of my texts posts that i frequently
write in my head to recount things that aren't actually happening. here it is:

exited the student center, caught a faint smell of death, immediately assumed it was from a bird that
had slammed into one of the huge window of the protruding stairwell i was next to, searched the
perimeter of the stairwell, & found the bird... felt a little bit powerful (perceptive, prescient)

the part about stepping out of the student center & faintly smelling death is true

august 27th, 2022


two sentences i imagine spoken to something that is not sentient

(but the reader can personify it if they so choose):

"you acted so effectively, so visibly as what could ultimately be summarized as a point-by-point inversion
of the goodness of childhood, that i felt the only way i could do my part to counter it was by doing
everything i could to reach back for my own childhood & do it the disservice of contrarily fixing it
in structured language that it wasn't shackled to before. i hate you for obliging me to do that"

september 1st, 2022

concept: a person gives an absented person's goodnesses back out to the
world in place of pining for the goodnesses' resumption external to them

september 9th, 2022

concept: a person texting with someone to help that person stay awake on a long train
ride, not realizing that this is enabling them to text a third person & help them stay
awake in a waiting room, & this extends to an invisible chain of about thirty people

september 12th, 2022

concept: two people enter a romantic relationship with the explicit intent of embodying a mutually cathartic
& knowingly ephemeral interplay of particular adjectives that they each acknowledge themselves as
representative of from the outset, along with a mutually understood outline of how exactly those
adjectives will relate to each other & why exactly each person will personally find it cathartic

september 23rd, 2022

microfiction: person A clutches person B in tears & says, "i just wish you could understand, but i can't get all
these juxtaposed memories out of my head & into yours." & person B doesn't relate to the suffering originating
from those memories, but they do relate to what person A just said more than they could ever relate to whatever
expression of those memories that person A could formulate. because what they just said was such
a relatably universal condition. person B is in any case highly empathetic at that moment

september 25th, 2022

microfiction: person A arrives at person B's apartment to pick them up. person B happens to exit their apartment at
a moment when they are laughing hysterically over the 1883 film buffalo running, which is less than a second long.
in the car, person B explains what they're laughing about & shows the film to person A on their phone. person A
begins laughing at it too, & the laughter soon reaches a feedback loop point where the humor transfers
to the fact that two people in a car are laughing so much over buffalo running

october 20th, 2022

concept: an artist who no one has really had reason to independently think about in decades but their verdict on wikipedia
is historically fossilized as them being "one of the most seminal (...)" blah blah which elicits intermittent waves
of reverence from people too indecisive to put their visceral aesthetic inclinations ahead of artistic myth

october 21st, 2022

short story: in the year 2021 a trans woman encounters a group of people in their twenties who are all frozen in 2007 type
otaku culture, preserved immaculately, with the caveat that by some quirk of fate they are all being virulently transphobic.
she is not completely sure how to emotionally process this, due to a sense that all of their criticisms originate from
some other world entirely & cannot be engaged with on familiar grounds whether discursively or simply in her mind

november 9th, 2022

concept: sci-fi future where the collection & dissemination of information about the world through the internet has become so total
total & efficient that one day, after going on a walk around your neighborhood, you make a blog post about a certain interesting
tree that you saw & receive a very tired, cynical reply from a stranger, to the effect of, "we know. why are you
presenting this as if it's some kind of privileged information that we're supposed to rely on you for"

november 9th, 2022


person you want to comfort; person who doesn't want you to hear the timbre of their sobbing, person who doesn't want you to
hear the timbre of them telling you that they don't want you to hear the timbre of their sobbing, person who does not want
to exist as they are to you in any capacity, person who does not want to be valid as they are, person screaming & fussing
with your insolent attempts to validate their existence which you personally regard with such validity