in 9th grade, my first (& only) year of high school, we were all issued macbooks. we were free to take them home with us.
one day, (this was probably in the lord's year of 2014), i was riding home on the school bus. my ride home each day was an
hour long. i noticed the word "valleanenowe" written on the back of the seat in front of me in some sort of black substance
resembling tar. it had no texture. it was very flat & adhered to the seat. the only result i can remember, from my initial
inquisitive google searches of the word (prior to my complete & utter hijacking of its search results), was a world of
warcraft character. i never really looked into that. i thought the word was strange, & i wanted to remember it, so i jotted it
down on one of those digital sticky notes you can have on the os x dashboard.

at the end of the year, the time came to return our faithful macbooks. i hadn't resolved all of the things i had jotted down
for future reference on my precious dashboard sticky notes, so i moved their contents into a google doc. "Valleanenowe" sat,
patiently, in the google doc for another three years, until i remembered that the doc existed. i opened it, curious & anticipating
some hits of nostalgia. at the time, i happened to be seeking to reset & semi-formalize my musical identity. i had no idea what
i wanted to be called. when i opened the google doc, the word hit me in the face like a brick. i immediately knew that it would be
my new alias.