*walking down the hallway* sigh ... i really thought she wanted my help with doing an FAQ section ... i was excited to help out with something like that!

but no, that's not what was really going on ... i mean, ok, if she just wants to link her social media accounts, that's fine! but why did she have to waste my time like that ... ?

i guess she thought i'd be okay with playing along with her little joke ... but when i agree to do things, i agree to do exactly what i have agreed to do, ok?

*approaching front door* if you want me to play the reverse role in a silly bait-&-switch fake FAQ, just tell me that's what you'd like me to do ...

*exits through front door* i'll have to make a point of telling her later on that this kind of thing just upsets me a little ... it's not that big a deal, & i'll make sure to try to communicate that, but ... it's just a type of consideration that i need to be shown if i am to feel like i am being politely engaged with, you know?

*gets in my car*