a poem made by filtering all of the song titles which start with
"&" out of my music library, & arranging them in alphabetical order

a literal sea of dogs & all you can do is laugh & as i sat beside you i felt the great sadness that
day & at dawn armed with glowing patience, we will enter the cities of glory (stripped) & beyond &
bliss everywhere bliss & died instantly endlessly & dream of sheep & heart breaks & heaven turned
to her weeping & his reptilian children are morphing in the mud & i & i grew into ribbons & i love
her & i was a boy from school & it hurts & nothing comes between the sadness & the scream & off the
deep end & onto picknickmagick & she was & so is love & the ass said to the angel: "wanna play
kick-to-kick"? & the bands played on & ...& the day turned tonight ...& the forest began to
sing & the pips ...& the rain ...& the world laughs with you & then patterns & then she kissed
me & then so clear & then the c.h.u.d.s. came & then... & they all look broken hearted & through
the wire & we got older & we run & you & i & you love it & your bird can sing