june 15th, 2021

when i was young, i had a little grey rca digital recorder that i took everywhere, it had a bunch of music i had recorded off
of my computer speakers. i remember it had The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, I'm the Scatman (probably other Scatman
songs), all the music loops from the Neopets flash concerts you could see in Tyrannia, the full audio of the videos "cat planet"
& "cat planet cat planet" by raocow, a bunch of Crush 40 songs from Sonic games, a bunch of early Songs to Wear Pants
To songs, it wouldn't surprise me if there was some Weird Al too & maybe Linkin Park & Headstrong by Trapt
maybe. they were only identified on the little screen by numbers & i had lots of the numbers memorized

all four Magical Trevor songs & probably some other Weebl's Stuff songs & "OHMYGODIMONFIRE" by logan whitehurst

the Songs to Wear Pants To songs i can definitely remember are umm "fishcat catfish," "robot pirates," &
"voweltacular," & possibly... when a cow snapping over friend chiken xd, like there's no cow, polka
loca, i am the first fifty digits of pi, beware the sea anenemone, & totally photoshoped

"robot pirates" was a favorite of a kid i sat next to on my bus ride home every day. i would go over to his house sometimes
& we would play minecraft or xbox live arcade minecraft knockoff games. he liked to smack me & say i was too
complacent & that i had to smack him back. i never did. later the internet turned him into a white supremacist

oh, i also had a bunch of homestuck music