Written on May 19th, 2020 to accompany the release of "Lumiere"

what if everyone on the internet was happy?
or at least kind?

"Can entropy ever be reversed?" - Isaac Asimov

at the conclusion of isaac asimov's "the last question",
an incredibly powerful computer, containing the minds
of all of humanity, unified, finds itself at the heat
death of the universe, facing this final question ...

after comparing all possible data to all other possible
data, in all possible permutations, the computer
finally & climactically assumes the mantle
of the abrahamic god, & says:

"Let there be light!"

entropy tangles hair into knots & turns people's minds cruel ...
loss of innocence, subsequent embrace of a tired resignation ...
loss of order, why should anything be expected to stay
ordered, destabilization ... a cracking fragile film ...
"what can i be but tired, as all of the energy runs
down, is sapped from my body, my mind ... ?"

"of course i understand the dichotomy, of having a light shining
inside of oneself, versus having no such light ... & of course i
yearn to have that light inside of me again ... but how could
light ever stay inside of me, inside of anyone ..."

it doesn't have to be this way!

what if there was a way
to reject this whole system,
to delete this pervasive & abusive
narrative regarding innocence?
that it is a vestigial veil, a footnote,
that all people are born with,
until it is quickly torn to shreds,
never to be restored ...

"Several times it decayed, then burgeoned again, always keeping
the first Clarice as an unparalleled model of every splendor, compared
to which the city's present state can only cause more sighs at every
fading of the stars." - Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

can't innocence be a way of being?
can't it be a muscle that can be trained?
can't it be reclaimed? can't entropy be defied?
it's not impossible to decrease local entropy,
we do it constantly, physically, turning proteins
into consciousness! so why not in our demeanor?

a muscle that one is conditioned to believe
has been snipped off, like a reverse phantom limb,
would naturally find itself never exercised ...
that muscle would atrophy for real ...

why should possessing knowledge
of the way that the world is
deprive us of happiness?
why should you stand there & take it?
why not violently reject this cycle,
of the "non-innocent" depriving
the "innocent" of "innocence"?

what is the information age making of people?
a ball of satellites & wires, connecting minds affecting
minds affecting minds affecting minds, optimized, deterritorialized,
personality traits zipping around, mutating, dying, competing,
at speeds no one could have previously imagined,
frightened orphans in a jungle of ideologies & personalities,
helpless prey to the demeanors most fit to memetically
propagate, leaping from the trees like jaguars

we can't let cruelty have the competitive edge in a place like this.


"Meanwhile, back in the year one
When you belonged to no one
You didn't stand a chance, son
If your pants were undone
'Cause you were bred,
for humanity ...
& sold,
to society ...
One day you'll wake up! In the present day
A thousand generations, removed from expectations, of
being who you really want to be ..." - Ian Anderson,
Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of a New Day)

wouldn't it be wonderful if something could manifest
that would reverse entropy? that would untangle all
of them, all at once, smooth them out, impart them
with inexorable kindness, sincerity, & honesty?

not a grand cosmological alteration ...
just the art of kindness, just the art of innocence ...
the net entropy of the universe will rise & rise & rise,
but why not focus on reducing it locally?
why not create a pure shelter in the
storm for ourselves?

maybe this album is a tribute to these ideals!
maybe this album is a child playing in the sun,
& it doesn't matter that one day it will expand
& swallow the ground under their feet

maybe this album is a person at a digital audio workstation,
& it doesn't matter that one day the sun will swallow her home ...
maybe one day she'll sound more professional & than this,
more aesthetically cohesive ... or maybe entropy will nab that too, hehe

maybe this album is a set of audio files
created with no connecting thread in mind ...
well, it's certainly not as grand a statement as has been gestured here ...

these are just the "liner notes" ...
i decided that they should have these thoughts in them,
that this is how i want to mark this period of my life here ...

i hope they don't sound pretentious! really ...
just because i'm typing words about large concepts,
doesn't mean you have to take my typing them
to be as large as those concepts ... !

i'm just a person, & this is just what i want to type ...
you can read them & move on. that's all ...
i won't try to impart these files with undue meaning.
they should only speak for themselves,
whatever they are saying ...