What is the difference between "Reality" & "Obscurity?"

a few hair's breadths, i guess. the decision of which of these i place a
certain post in can be sort of an in-the-moment gut feeling type of thing

at the present stage of these sections' lives, their distinction is approximately:

Reality is ideally more about the uncertain direct interplay between media & reality, with a secondary focus on prioritizing experience that is not mediated or distorted by what I would generally categorize as psychologically conditioning conditions of late-stage capitalism. Some posts may ultimately deviate off-topic into general attempts to describe systems of social control

Obscurity is ideally more about media's cyclical relationship to its own manner of being taken by the viewer, with this relationship naturally being a constituent function of the broader dynamic that Reality is more concerned with. This section's crossover with Reality, which is perhaps excessive, is owed to its aim being rooted in an uncertain attempt to demarcate life into unmediated reality vs. (often fictional) media - this attempt is confounded by the fact that all media & fiction is itself embedded in reality

This confounding factor ultimately constitutes the central tension of the Reality page, which sets out to confront an undeniable sense of being separated from direct reality, but finds an unsatisfactory distinction between reality & unreality, & is forced to acknowledge that all elements of life are ultimately situated in reality. From there it sets out to determine what elements could be worth viewing as "unreal," why they are worth being viewed that way, & what processes give rise to them

The idea that I would more like to focus on with Obscurity, going forward - the idea which the page was originally inaugurated to communicate - is that of moral opposition to the concentration & centralization of human attention & the effects that this can have on experience & personal expression. This is more where it gets its name from - the symbolic relationship between the obscurity of media & the struggle to retain one's obscurity as a being.

The general preservation of qualitative diversity for all people, & the guarding of one's inherently unique characteristics which stem from their inherently unique circumstances as a human being. It is a refusal to let oneself be integrated into the omnipresent mirages of "definitive" cultural narratives, consensuses, or discourses

These are not webpages with strict underlying theses that they seek to substantiate with
each post as much as they are groupings for whatever I can write that feels relevant.